Website Support Services

Outsource your internet requirements to Sure Fire Web and we will look after your technical needs, so you don’t need to finance your own in-house IT engineer to work on your website.


Our standard outsourced hourly rate is $120 / hour (excluding GST) however with the various outsourcing options available you are able to pre-purchase a block of time at a lower rate that runs over a 12 month period.

  • You don’t need to use all the time up at once
  • Any left over time periods can be used later in the year
  • The time can be used over a 12 month period, then it expires.
  • Sorry no refunds if change of mind or if the time expires
  • Time credits can be transferred or used by other people, not just yourself
  • If a job is bigger or smaller than expected, then you are either saving time or money, depending on the time-block you purchased
  • If more work is required then simply pre-purchase extra time, as required
  • We provide quotes based on our expected time consumption for the job at hand
  • At the completion of the work we provide you with the actual amount of time used up, and keep a record of how much time remains at your disposal
  • All pre-paid purchases include GST as standard

Premium Support Includes

 Local Australian IT website support
 Over the phone, on-site, Skype, Team Viewer options available
 Dedicated time with no other interruptions provided (else time is extended to solve the problem)
 Time is used in 15 minute intervals, or credited to your account
 You provide access to your computer systems, website login, and explanation of terms
 Limited to fixing website issues, upgrades and “techy” stuff 😀


Premium Support

$ 120

Nothing More To Pay
  • 1 Hour Premium Support
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Premium SupportMost Flexible

$ 230

Nothing More To Pay
  • 2 Hours Premium Support
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Premium Support

$ 420

Nothing More To Pay
  • 4 Hours Premium Support
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Premium Support

$ 600

Nothing More To Pay
  • 6 Hours Premium Support
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Premium Support

$ 770

Nothing More To Pay
  • 8 Hours Premium Support
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As we have an extensive range of technical abilities at our disposal, you can rest assured that we will look after your website and business requirements.