WordPress Update Service

$ 140.00 / year


WORDPRESS security is never taken seriously … until you’ve been hacked ! Over 23% of websites on the internet are WordPress websites, but only 54% (as of January 2015) have been updated to the latest version of software. The sad fact is that if your plugins and core files are not kept up to date, then you run a serious risk of site failure.

As a busy business owner, who has the time to keep on top of website security patches that are required at the rate of at least once a month ? The plain fact of the matter is that very few people can actively check to see if their website is kept up to date, let alone get around to performing the required updates.

Where’s The Proof ?” you ask. Check out:

Scared yet ?

Your WordPress site needs to have 3 sets of files kept up to date to avoid security breaches:

  • WordPress core updates – essential to maintain security across your site
  • Plugin updates – the main cause behind exploits and vulnerabilities is due to running old versions of plugins that hackers search for
  • Theme file updates – if purchased from a developer, these are occasionally required to be updated. If so, you will need to contact them directly. If you’re using the basic WordPress 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / etc themes then these will be periodically updated by WordPress and are safe to automatically update.



We update your WordPress plugins and core files to ensure that there are no security breaches possible. We do not do theme file updates unless you are using a standard WordPress Theme and provide us permission to do so.

The updates occur within 2 days of the release of information that the files are ready to update. We keep track of the updates via information that we gather from your site, and using our proprietary service we remotely upgrade your plugins and/or core files as required.

This minimises the effect of vulnerabilities and breaches that occur against WordPress sites – but it doesn’t completely remove the risk altogether. For instance, if you are using “cheap” hosting on a shared server then it is possible that other people on the same server can cause your website to be hacked, even if your website is completely up to date. (We provide WordPress Backup protection for that very reason.)



Most of the time it’s too late to take action when your site has been hacked. Sorry.

WordPress updates are essential – just like an insurance policy – that you hope you never have to use. But with the rise and rise of the dark empire of IT hackers you are likely to run into issues sooner or later – it’s just a matter of time.

You must always consider that a threat is always imminent, and not to take security lightly. We have invested heavily in our technology and IT support systems to enable you to have a secure website experience – even if you are not hosting on our Robust Aussie Servers.

Using our WordPress Update service will help you to keep peace of mind, knowing that your websites are standing firm against any form of cyber attack from outdated plugins and WordPress core files.

(If you have had trouble and want to talk to us, we can help with IT outsourcing and troubleshooting if required.)


Questions and Answers

1. Isn’t this just scare tactics and high pressure marketing ?

If you don’t think that you need to take this seriously, check out:

This is not the Cold War; we’re in a new age where people play dirty just for fun. You don’t need to give in to them.

2. What is the exact service you are offering ?

You are paying for us to perform regular WordPress updates to core files and plugins on your website. We will require an Admin user account on your website. We install a plugin that enables us to perform the updates remotely, as well as another plugin to help protect your website against hackers.

We will do this within 2 days of knowing when the alert of a potential threat is available against your WordPress website.

3. How long does the service last ?

Our WordPress update service covers your website for 12 months.

4. What else do you recommend for website security ?

For complete peace of mind, we recommend that you use our WordPress Backup Service to take regular snapshots of your website. If anything goes wrong then you have your complete website ready to be Restored from backup at the push of a button.

5. What else do you do as part of your service ?

There are several things that we check for before we secure your WordPress website plugins and core files using our update service. We check your website for vulnerabilities and implement strategies to help reduce your risk. If there’s anything glaringly obvious that we need to bring to your attention, we let you know straight away.