WordPress Backup Service

$ 120.00 / year

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WORDPRESS, for all it’s simplicity and benefits, boasts a truck load of issues that most people aren’t aware of. It’s only when your website is off air and you get told that it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to get your website restored by your web design company or hosting provider that you take backups of your website seriously.

Your WordPress site can be broken in many ways, for instance:

  • WordPress core updates – essential to keep up to date with security patches
  • Hosting failures – can delete your SQL database and make your site literally disappear
  • Theme file updates – whether designed by an agency or purchased off the shelf, updates can break your site
  • Plugin updates – can cause other plugins or your theme to fail
  • Deleting Plugins – can cause your site heartbeat to literally stop, leaving nothing but a white screen
  • Hosting account gets suspended – you lose your entire site contents and can’t move to another host
  • Cyber Attack – having your website attacked can happen due to any number of reasons, and most of them aren’t even your fault


We backup your WordPress website to various locations – which gives you the ability to restore your site from backup.

Your WordPress website is scheduled for backup as often as you like – we prefer weekly backups, however if your site is busy then you may want to undertake daily or hourly backups. This is scheduled for you

Backup Locations:

  • On your own server – kept locally, if you trust your hosting provider
  • Remotely to Dropbox – you will need your own Dropbox account (Free or Paid) for us to connect it to
  • Remotely to Amazon S3 Service – you will need your own Amazon S3 account for us to connect it to
  • Remotely via FTP to our own backup hosting – we keep the last 5 backup versions on our server
  • As a link via Email –  we can send you the restore file via a link in an email
  • As an attachment via Email – we can send you the whole file to restore the site


When your backup service is in place, it takes about 10 mins to restore your site from any of the backup locations listed above.

If you’ve been hacked it is as simple as creating a brand new WordPress site on your server, and Restoring your site from backup.

If your themes or plugins or WordPress core files have been upgraded then Restore the latest backup, and then you will need to work out which item is causing the issue before upgrading it. (We can help with IT outsourcing and troubleshooting if required.)

If you simply want to move to new hosting and your hosting provider doesn’t want to give you the FTP or Cpanel details for you to move, simply Backup you site and Restore it on another server, once you’ve updated your DNS details. We can also gracefully move your site to our Robust Aussie servers if you are looking for a more trustworthy deal.


We have invested heavily in our technology and IT support systems to enable you to have secure website hosting and backups. You must always consider that a threat is always imminent, and not to take security lightly.

Using our WordPress Backup service will enable you to sleep easy at night, knowing that your websites are free from trouble and can be easily restored at the push of a button.


Questions and Answers

1. Are there any other fees and charges involved ?

Your service fee includes GST and we do not charge anything extra for our time. We will happily perform regular backups of your WordPress website as often as you like.

If you want to use your own Amazon S3 or Dropbox accounts as the backup location, you will need to pay for that yourself and provide us the access details.

You do not need to pay anything extra for us to restore your site, in the event of failure. However a fair use policy is in place that we limit ourselves to 5 Restore From Backup requests per website per year.

2. What is the exact service you are offering ?

You are paying for us to perform regular backups on your website, and we will require an Admin user account on your website. We install a plugin that enables us to perform the backups regularly.

We will back up your WordPress website to your own server, as well as other locations that you want us to send it to.

3. How long does the service last ?

Our WordPress backup service covers your website for 12 months of backups, at either weekly, daily or hourly intervals.

4. Can I move to another web hosting provider and transfer my backup subscription too ?

Yes. There are no extra fees or charges with that. If you need help to move to your new hosting, please let us know beforehand.