Microsoft Adcenter Advertising

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Microsoft Adcenter complements both Google and Facebook, filling most of the gap where Google and Facebook are not visited.

As Microsoft shares their advertising with Yahoo, campaigns that have been created for Google Adsense can easily be adapted and updated for these search engines as well.

A point to note is that Microsoft commands buyer trust. As such, although the search engine traffic is smaller than Google, this search engine would be used primarily to focus on sales of product where high trust is required, as well as to extend the network reach across multiple platforms and the Windows 8 experience.

Optionally, we can look at your existing campaigns and optimise them if you feel that they aren’t up to scratch. (*)

We would be happy to evaluate your current campaigns as a second opinion.



Note (*)

  • Some exclusions and limitations apply for Bing Adcenter campaigns, depending on the size of the existing campaigns you are running.
  • The online marketing campaigns that we offer are of the scale that would normally be run for a small to medium business.
  • For larger campaigns we can negotiate a rate that can accommodate your budget. We’re human too.