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Have your customers got a reason to come back ?


What’s the Value of Customer Loyalty ?

Businesses that have a steady supply of returning customers have a lower risk of failure. On the contrary, businesses that need to continually hunt for customers are spending lots more on customer acquisition. If the new customer supply runs dry then they face the risk of failure.

To guarantee business stability and growth, our business models need to adapt.

Not only do we need to meet our customers their demands, we also need to provide incentives to keep them coming back.

Customer loyalty has not been part of traditional business planning, however in today’s market place there is a need to maintain and attract new customers through loyalty programs.

Sure Fire Web Pty Ltd helps businesses to understand where their customers loyalty is, and through coaching techniques we are changing the way that customers interact with local businesses.



Over 80% of mobile phones will be smartphones by 2015. Over 30% of website traffic is from mobiles. Unless your business is mobile, you’re toast.


Around 40% of customers are leaked to your competitors. We bring them back. You are the hero.


People look at 1,000’s of marketing messages a day. Is yours lost in the noise ?


Online sales are growing 30% a year since last century. Mobile commerce is growing 300% a year since the iPhone. Get up, or pack up.