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CyberSafe 24/7

By November 21, 2014 security No Comments

Home Safe WiFi

Cyber Safe 24/7

Visible Internet is technology designed to help parents do important things in the real world. Professionals say “Visible Internet is fantastic.”

Start with making the internet work your way all from your iOS device or laptop. Use technology more powerfully than your children.

1) No more internet secrets between parents and children when you put CyberSafe247 to work in your home. Knowing their parents can see everything they do on line helps children learn to self regulate the way they use the internet and promotes responsible internet usage. All in a non confrontational way.

Clearing usage history or disguising their ID no longer works. The internet becomes transparent in your family. Helps you to parent.

2) Customise the internet for each child. Give one child suitable access until late at night while the younger ones see theirs close down earlier so they go to bed. At the same time you continue working without restrictions.

3) Automatically have the internet close at dinner time. Everyone comes to the table and talks.

The control panel in this app teams with our home internet launch pad available with separate purchase. There is much more to come. Introduce Visible Internet into your home with this app and love the things technology can do to help you every day.


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