Our Loyalty Cashback Program

The Sure Fire Web online store provides a minimum of 2% Cashback and 1.5 Shopping Points per $150 spent to it’s customers as part of the global loyalty program Lyoness.

STEP ONE – Login to Lyoness

STEP TWO – Sure Fire Web @ Lyoness

  • Navigate to Sure Fire Web online store by clicking here or search for Sure Fire Web
  • Click on the blue button that says “Shop Online Now” to come back to this site

STEP THREE – Go Through the Store

  • Select your product from Sure Fire Web online store
  • Go through the checkout to make your purchase
  • This “cookies” the Lyoness benefit for you
  • Pay using any of the methods offered



  • Note that Sure Fire Web is a Lyoness online store only, so to ensure that you get cashback you need to follow this process precisely.
  • Processing time for your Lyoness benefit is around 90 days due to Lyoness Online Merchant processing systems.
  • For $500 Deposit Services to confirm the start of your website development, please visit this page and follow the directions above (Steps One – Three) to claim Lyoness Cashback benefits.