Sure Fire Web Pty Ltd assists business owners to “profitably connect” with their customers.


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Unlike online marketing companies, whose aim is to promote your business on the internet, Sure Fire Web assists and empowers your online presence so that every contact you make with your customer is profitable.

To make this happen, we specialise in:

  • website redevelopment, to make your desktop website ‘eye-catching’ and functional
  • mobile website development, to ensure that you are capturing the lost 50% audience from mobile devices
  • loyalty programs, to bring your customer base to your door again and again
  • email / text / push marketing, to connect with smartphone users

Running your business takes time, money and energy. We don’t want to drain you of that! Instead, by working with you, we will:

  • clearly communicate with you about your business requirements
  • identify areas of cost reduction, with consolidated email, domain and hosting packages
  •  help you avoid legal risk, by keeping your website up to date with things like the Anti-SPAM Act, Privacy Policy, etc
  • consult with you about marketing your business to increase your exposure to a broader range of clients and customers
  • help you plug in to an expanding customer base that are ready to buy your products and services
  • provide business coaching or consulting services, where required, to help you achieve your business objectives

If you are serious about staying up to date with consumer behaviour and want to “profitably connect” with your customers, then now is the time to give us a call, or email.